12 Midnight with heartburn

Hello Computer. I find myself here again, midnight, with horrible heartburn. I guess eating breakfast for dinner at 9pm isn't a good idea for anyone's diet or stomach. Im my state of horrible indigestion, I find myself nit-picking parts of my brain. This is what I got.

How stressful/easy college is getting.
If relationships really require this much work?
How can I devote time to schoolwork, writing, and Truly?
Need to figure out a gym schedule.
Probably need to do some shopping....for necessities (clothes, shoes, etc)
Dreading work tomorrow cleaning a house.

I always find myself thinking about the same things all the time. I need a break from all these things clouding my mind. I suggest a lovely day at the mall, me and my Truly doll. *Ah, that should do it!*

What's on your mind? What kind of things do you worry about and how do you stop yourself from, well, worrying?

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