When things go down, we go shop!

So right now my grandma is back in the hospital, and they think she is suffering from pneumonia now. My mother and my stepfather left early in the morning to go to the hospital. So I got my little sisters ready for school, dropped them off and realized...."I don't want to be home by myself with Truly!"

With my Grandma not home, I didn't want to be home and sulk with Truly. So today we spent the day....Shopping. Children aren't allowed in the area my grandmother was, so my mom just kept calling me and texting me with updates and told me to go there later in the day.

What do me and Truly have to do before we go shopping? Starbucks. My little Truly grabs her usual (organic chocolate milk) and I order my soy chai tea latte, and start off our shopping day. It wasn't long before I had spent all my sorrows in books, shoes, and Dora the explorer toys.

Truly has gotten shopping down. She signs for my debit card, says thank you to the register person, and grabs her bag while heading to the next store. I've definitely created a monster.

At the end of the day grandma is still in the hospital and I'm realizing me and Truly need a bigger room.

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