Oh, So this is what being laid off feels like

So I have officially been laid off. Technically, I'm not "laid off", but I did lose one of my cleaning clients this morning. In view of our sucky economy and my client having a new baby, she has decided to no longer use a cleaning service. So that takes about $260 away from my bank account each month. There's no other words but This Sucks. 

So after an hour of sulking and panicking about how I'm going to pay my credit card bills and give Truly an amazing birthday this Saturday, I decided to into major advertising overhaul. I've flooded Craigslist and  am looking into advertising in a couple of neighborhoods. I'm determined to pick up a couple more cleaning clients by next month to cover my income lost, and add extra money so I can get out of credit card debt faster.

Right now cleaning houses is the best job for me. While I go to school, cleaning houses offers me amazing flexibility, independence running my own business, Truly doesn't have to go to daycare, and the pay is great ( I average $120 for 2 hours of work.) 

So I am just hoping, and praying, that I get some new clients or else you may soon find me at the local McDonalds....which the only downside will be me getting EXTREMELY FAT from my discount!