Terrible Two's Aint So Bad

As my daughter transitions after her first day of being an official 2 year old, I have come to realize......that's she's still the same bratty little girl. Not that I was expecting her to be any different. I guess you can say in one sense I was expecting her to be more whining, more crying, more tantrums, OR Truly would suddenly reach a new sense of maturity, calmly eat her breakfast, clean her room and put up her toys with out one tear, and go pee pee and poo poo in her potty for the rest of her days.

And that is when Truly hit me on the head with her Hannah Montana Doll screaming "Wake Uppy Mama!"at 7;30 A.M. I mean of course I wasn't at all serious in my previous paragraph, but curious thinking seems to follow me. So the first day to 2-year-old-dem started off the same, and ended the same watching Madagascar 2 falling asleep on the floor.

My little girl had a very busy day: Storytime at the library, assmebling her brand new pink escalade, making lunch, enrolling in ballet class. Oh what a day for her.

As I sit here thinking about the past 2 years when Truly entered my life, and I am so grateful and still can't beleive how amazing this little girl is. I just want to laugh with her, cry with her, protect her. These past 2 years have really gone by way too fast and I want to cherish all the years we have together in the future.

Despite all the temper tantrums in the mall, the endless hours of watching Shrek, and my $0 balance reflecting in my bank account because I buy whatever she whines for.....She holds me when I cry, we dance all night long, she runs up to me and hugs me when I've been gone too long, and she is my best friend.

Thank God For Little Girls.

So day 1 as dealing with a 2 year old has passed, bring on day 2!


  1. I'm pregnant and I really wanted to have a little boy but seeing you with your daughter in your pictures and reading you talk about her makes me want to change my mind LOL

  2. your daughter is "Truely" beautiful...I love her name! You are very talented with everything you seem to be doing at one time...GREAT JOB! Visit my blog and let me know what you think. I just started this and I am really enjoying it! www.theowens3.blogspot.com