I have found a new love for the outdoors

Goofy Hair and Smile :-)

I would gladly go shopping then spend some time outside. I would gladly sleep on the couch then spend some time outside. It's too hot, there's bugs, and when you go back inside-you smell like outside. You guys know that outside smell...

But I guess when you have children, and your choices are let the terrorize the house, watch TV all day long, and pick up their toys that they insist on throwing out of the toybox after you just put them all back inside....I guess your forced to love the outdoors.

And I have :-)

For Truly's 2nd birthday, I got her a pink escalade and she has now loved riding it (Thank God, I almost thought all that money went down the tube!). My mother also bought her this scooter looking thing(up above), that is superfun- you put your feet up and turn the wheel side to side and it pushes you along. I ride it more than Truly, and I have discovered, she has a temper! Definitely worth buying for your children!

So me and Truly have been spending our time outside, riding in cars, playing with balls, and having fun. Yeah, I am having fun outside.

Who would've thunk it?

You still will not see me anywhere near a campground...


  1. lol, very true. Sometimes the outdoors is a must. My daughter wants a car like that and I have to keep reminding her that she is too big for the investment!

  2. Fresh air does the soul some good.

  3. Your daughter is absolutely adorable! My son is about the same age and loves playing outside!


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