10 Things I wish weren't happening!

Every mom has those things going on right now, that she wishes weren't going on right now.

1. That my math book wasn't staring me straight in the eyes, knowing I should be diving into "functions" and "graphs" instead of being on my computer. I am working though Mr. Math Book!

2. That those other 2 books I bought from the Christian store would stop staring at me as well. I am going to read, I swear!

3. That we had something in this house that was eatable. I mean, I can't eat ramen all day.

4. I wish this sippy cup that has been sitting on my desk would finally find it's way downstairs and into the kitchen sink.

5. Having due dates for everything. I'll do it when I have time. Maybe.

6. The fact that no one makes a decent purse that can hold up to a couple of diapers, hand sanitizer, a few princess plastic toys, a shoe, some snacks, and everything else Truly throws in there.

7. That Truly has been napping for 2 hours now, and I am wondering when she plans on waking up.

8. I feel like I've been doing research for a million things all morning, but have yet to come up with any resolutions.

9. Clients. I have a life too ok?

10. And the one thing that is going on right now that I wish weren't happening, on top of all this stuff I am dealing with: my period.

Ah, Now wasn't that a stress reliever. Off to wake up my daughter so I can get some much needed pool time.

What's stressing you out right about now?


  1. LOL I hate days like that. Sometimes I wish I could blink my eyes or wiggle my nose and everything would be just the way I wanted it to be.

  2. #10 hits home with me! It seems like you just can't get as much done during that time of the month. The cramps, the inconvenience, the lack of energy. UGH! I've been feeling ick all weekend, not wanting to do much, but forcing myself to anyway. I feel your pain on the stress front!

  3. #6 Girl you need to design that purse.

    I love the fresh, bright feel of this blog.