About Me

My name is Stepfanie. I am a 21 year old who loves to dabble in all sorts of things. My biological father is from Barbados and my mother is from the Philippines. That makes me half black, half asian, and it's totally awesome! I've always had an interest in just about anything, and was always told that I could do anything I wanted. From sports, to singing, dancing, and karate, I've pretty much tried it all. Finally though, I had found my niche: writing.

I work as a freelance writer from home, but also dabble in running a small cleaning business. After my daughter was born, I couldn't convince myself to go work outside of the house, and wanted to spend as much time with my daughter as possible. Stepfanie's Time Out is my personal blog, while I also blog at Twenties Money Mag, and at Moms in SA.

I love to go out and eat, mostly because I am not a chef. It's not that I can't cook, it's just I don't have the patience... at all. Usually I'm starving by the time I realize I'm hungry, and it's just way easier to go out and grab something.

I attend college, majoring in Education and English Literature. When I am done with school, I would like to become either a high school english teacher or a college professor. I think having the title "Professor" sounds pretty nice.

My daughter's name is Truly. Yes, that is her real name. If you watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, you'd get it, and probably start singing the song right about now. She is my favorite 2 year old in the whole world, and my little twin. She loves shopping, going to ballet class, reading, and most of all, karaoke.

I am currently pregnant with child numero dos. He or She will be born May 2010. A surprise, just like my Truly.

My work calls me to be on my computer 24/7, but when I get out, you can find me heading to the theaters. I'm a huge movie buff. Or if you look hard enough, you'll see me heading to Cold Stone Creamery going to get strawberry ice cream with snickers mixed in. Don't Judge Me. :-)


  1. Keep going, girl! I'm a 20 something year old mom of three girls and about to get my phd in Eng lit from UTSA, so yes, it can be done!

  2. That's so awesome! Thanks so much, I take it day by day.