The Messy Desk

Sunday July 5, 2009

Ok, So I'm a tad bit embarrassed, but hey, the first step to overcome your obstacles is to admit your faults. My name is Stepfanie and I am an un-organized addict. There I said it. I have freely given into the fact that I'm not going to be able to organize everything, and I think my messy desk says "I am free to the world!" :-)

I mean, can you blame me, honestly? At least the bathroom it clean today. It's funny because just looking at this picture of my work/study/truly's storage desk, you can tell I'm a mom. We have an Elmo sippy cup in the corner, shrek & elmo dvds, flashcards, a princess blender, a princess bat, and Truly's ointment rash from 2 weeks ago. I'm sure you can see a textbook or two underneath there somewhere...

My excuse is, I rarely sit at that desk. I usually am taking my laptop all over the house, finding a place of peace and quiet to get some writing and some work done.

On some days though, my laptop sometimes sits on that desk, but I find the floor a little less crowded.

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  1. Sadly, that is actually more organized than my desk. I am not organized at all...