Want A Free Header?

Tuesday July 7, 2009

Good Afternoon! So I told you I was going to write an afternoon post and had an awesome time at the playgroup! If you've been a follower of my blog, you'll know that me and Truly are pretty much kept by our lonesome, so it was time that we got out and met some other children and mothers. Our group has some awesome mothers and really fun kids. When we got home, Truly laid down and was knocked out. As she snores upstairs, I brought my laptop down here and am enjoying her Chick-Fil-A leftover nuggets. She fell asleep so they are mine right?

So since I am in an awesome (3rd time I used awesome) mood, I decided to host another really quick giveaway that will help me and you. I am now offering blog design and do not have a portfolio.

Sooo, I am giving 2 bloggers a free personalized header. You get:

Can uses your own photos (Max 2)
I can search for a free stock photo
You can choose colors, fonts
It will be the same size (or smaller if you want) as the one on this blog
I will e-mail it to you when I'm done, and I can install it, but I can not format it.

So basically this is all you have to do:

1. Comment
2. Tweet about this
3. Grab Button
4. Follow



  1. WOW!! Your header is GREAT! You are great at what you do!!

  2. Thanks so much! I twitted, am a follower, and am leaving a comment! I would love a new header! :)

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)

    I love your header, count me in!

    Thank You ,

  4. Your header is great! I would love a "cartoon me"! Going to tweet and try to add your button again. I'm already following. :)

  5. Would love a new one for my blog. Not the most talented in that area though!