Molly Brown Designer Girls Jewellery [Review]

Tuesday, January 26 2010

A frequent online shopper myself, I love love love the selection in little girls jewelry from Molly Brown. When my daughter got her ears pierced, at the tender of age of 6 months (gasp!), I knew this was the beginning of fine jewelry : Claires! My mother had a better idea, and bought her $500 princess cut diamond earrings. Let's just say, I am very jealous of my daughter's earlobes. Needless to say, she wears these earrings all the time, but I've gotten to realize that if she loses those earrings, that is $500 down the drain, and goodbye to the sentimental-ness of her first earrings.

She has to wear something cute, and girly, she is a cute girl by the way :-) So this jewelry website was brought to my attention and I fell in love with all the products. Needless to say they may be on the pricier said, but nothing compared to her $500 earrings.

They have an awesome selection of natural pearl earrings, precious metals, and unique gemstones chosen for their color and clarity. Ranging from jelly bean necklaces, to fairy and princess charms, this online store makes even older women remember wanting to look like a princess as a child. And with this jewelry, you will. The Molly Brown Collections are meant to be simple and sophisticated, but designed to be loved and worn forever. All jewelry is gift-wrapped as a special keepsake.

They have been described as "Tiffany for Girls" from Vogue Magazine, and if your order is not right, they'll refund your order and replace it as simple as that. I think that's one of my biggest worries when shopping online, but Molly Brown makes it incredibly easy.

Quite honestly, I'm sure to buy something for myself as well. If your in the market for some jewelry, or an adorable piece for yourself, check out the Girls Jewellery here.

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