She's A Crying Machine

Thursday January 28 2010

Truly has been a crying machine. There really is no way to put it then to visualize this 2 foot, metal, mechanical device that does nothing but cry, whine, and pout. And there you have it, my 2 year old nightmare. I am completly clue less as to what happened to my sweet little angel, but she has now turned into a this 3 foot tall infant.

I am now about 6 months prego, and I think all this baby talk has reverted my little girl's mind to thinking she is a baby again. She will point at something and goo and gaa, whine and pout, and the artificial tears will flow. Fake crying. This is extremely frustrating when you've spent the whole day working, cooking, cleaning, and are trying to fit in those late night hours to get some writing done, and you have a completely able to speak daughter pointing and crying at her Barbie doll.

Yet, when I tell her she's a big girl and that she has to talk, she laughs and tells me,
"No, I am a baby" and continues to cry, whine, and go full brat on me. Can you tell I haven't been much of a disciplinarian?

Now it's time to be drill sergeant mommy! Ok, now, I'm not going to be that harsh on my toddler, but maybe a little essence of drill sergeant mommy may help this problem of ours. I am putting my foot down and her butt down in that time out chair. It was honestly working, until I ... well got lazy and stopped enforcing it. Yes, slap me on the hand, shame on me, I get it now.

Oh yes, and the giveaway is coming sooooon :-)


  1. Aww I hope it gets better. Sometimes the melt downs that our 3 yr old has are just ridiculous, the other night he had a crying fit because his pillow case wasn't on "straight". I just don't get it some days.

  2. forgot to let ya know I was stopping by from SITS