Texan for now, New Yorker (or Parisian) at heart!

Saturday, January 2, 2009

I've always wanted to live in New York City. Every single movie that I've loved has always been set in New York City. I've lived in one city all of my life, except for the 3 years we spent in Germany, which by the way, was the best times in my life. Everything about NYC is inviting to me: the people, the food, the galleries, the music, the shopping, I can honestly go on and on, but no one wants that now do they?

For the longest time I've thought that moving there would be impossible, until I came across a blog about a teacher who works in NYC. Her blog is pretty much about her job and her life there every single day. It's brilliant really. She's doing the things I want to do. Visiting art galleries, grading papers, and riding her bike to work. If you ride a bike here in Texas, expect to be pummeled by a Ford 250. Sorry for the visual. She said after she got her degree, she passed the teaching certification in New York, interviewed for a job, and moved there the next week. I hate houses, and having to maintain a yard, so a little apartment in the city would be more than cool for me.

I've also thought about raising your children there. I envision them being well-rounded, art influenced, completely awesome kids. I mean here, we have the mall and the movies. Our Zoosucks, our parks suck, our museums suck. I've been there, done that, with all of these places, and it seems like in time, they are actually getting worse.

Of course the location in NYC is key when determining where to raise a family, but I'd want them enriched in the city. We visited there last summer, and the time we spent there, it was raining, and I absolutely even loved the rain.

There's also a teacher I had in my first year of college. I was taking an online class and my teacher was teaching it, from Paris, France. She said she teaches at a number of schools online and moved to Paris because she didn't have to be in one place to teach. Now that's cool!

I know I could never convince Adam to move our lives anywhere far away from our families. But boy, would that be awesome, and I would be packed and ready to go!


  1. I love your blog! :) This is my first visit and it definitely won't be my last. I love New York and Paris too and would live in either in a New York minute. My husband and I visited Paris for our first wedding anniversary a couple of years back and I wanted to stay :)

  2. I am just the opposite. I can't imagine raising my kids in a big city! I guess that is why the world is interesting - we are all different.
    Stopped by from SITS.