Finding me time

So it's about time I started blogging again. I used to blog all the time, about what was going on in my life, how I was feeling, just to get it out of my head and just, well somewhere else. After having Truly, I lost that time I spent writing and enjoying all the time I spent colelcting my thoughts and telling stories. But now that I am back in school my life has become more hectic.

I then relaized the one thing that kept me sane through every time in my life was writing. Whether it was through a journal or just writing down notes, it was such a stress releiver to get everything out there. 

A little update before I start this blogging experience again: I am 20 years old, going to school for my Bachelors in English Literature, hopefully to become a high school teacher or college professor. I couldn't think of a better profession doing something I love everyday, summer and weekends off, and great pay for it. 3 more years to go though. I have a beautiful daughter named Truly (yes yes after Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) who will be 2 this April. I have a wonderful boyfriend named Adam who is Truly's father. And besides everything else I pretty much have a normal life, most of the time. I have a large family and I am half filipino and half black. I don't really know my father (typical of other people my age). So yeah that pretty much sums it up. So....

So here I am again world.

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