An Hour Before Work

An Hour Before Work

I think Dora The Explorer is some kind of mind trick device. How is it that my daughter can be so sucked into this little cartoon?

Well I am sitting at home an hour before I need to go to work. Because of school and all my other responsibilities, I clean houses for a living. It's really an ideal solution because I only clean 2 homes every other Tuesday and 1 home every Friday. And for working only 6 days out of the whole month for only 25 hours a month I make at least $1,105 a month. Which is perfectly fine for me and my daughter since we don't have to pay rent (yes living with the family still) or pay for my car. My only real bills are credit cards that I racked up when I first turned 18. Those sneaky credit card companies. 

I also drive our neighbors two little girls to school every Thursday and Friday morning, and drive them home from school Wednesday afternoons, and she pays me $60 a week for that. I like doing that as well because I get free breakfast and get to catch up on my studying or I can even bring my little Truly with me. 

As for classes, I only have one class that I actually have to go to and that's my math class on Saturday mornings from 9:00am to 12:15pm, the rest of my classes are online. 

So I have a pretty good schedule right now, the only thing is that it's hard to find those times where I can just relax and that I don't have anything to do. But when I do find those moments, boy, do I take advatange of them. Z Z Z Z's

Well I should entertain Truly for a little while before I have to leave. Have a good day everyone!

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