Counting Calories

I can't even remember a time were I had to constantly watch what I'm eating. Before having Truly, I was a constant 120lbs. I never watched what I was eating, never had to plan working out, I was just always a naturally fit person. Now 2 years after having Truly, I am stuck at a wonderful 135lbs. It's not that it isn't a healthy weight, I'm not so much concerned about the weight more of I'm concerned about everything that jiggles. I am tired of having everything bulging out and wearing oversized t-shirts to hide the tummy bulge. 

So we have this new application on my iphone called "Lose it" and it pretty much counts your calories for you, and it's only day one and I've already cheated. I refuse to put in the red velvet cake slice that I ate today. Maybe tomorrow I'll be a little more faithful.

So my goal is this: To be able to wear a bikini for my 21st birthday this summer. So that gives me about 7 months, not necessarily to lose weight, but to tone up. ALOT.

Kiss this overdue babyfat goodbye!

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