Lola's Coming Home!

Lola will hopefully be coming home from the hospital tonight! All of us here are so excited. Lola is my grandmother (Lola means grandma in the Philippines). Our lola is 73 years old and lives with us. Well Saturday morning, my mother took my lola to the hospital because she was saying that her left side was numb. My lola worries a lot about her health. Well after 4 days of tests and observations, she should be coming home tonight. It turns out that she did not have a stroke but just she should watch her cholestreol and that everything is generally fine. She does leave the hospital with a free walker and handicap sign, so there is always a plus sign!

I'm so excited she is coming home. Me and my family have been visiting her for the past 4 days, but the visiting ages are 14  and older, so my little Truly hasn't been able to see her great grandma! ( I don't know the filipino term for great-grandmother).  So Truly has been going to her room looking for her and calling for her. So she'll finally be able to get to see her today.

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