Finding time to balance it all

Since I do live with my family: my mom, stepdad, lola, and two sisters, you can tell that we are an extremely busy family. The thing is that we do not live with Adam, my boyfriend and Trulys dad. So most of the time, if not all of the time, I feel like a "single mother" and that I'm doing this all on my own. That really is how it is actually. So it's extremely hard finding time to balance everything. I only work every Friday, and every other Tuesday, so my work schedule really helps, but it's hard balancing all my school work and watching Truly and taking care of her and making sure she gets all the attention and love she needs. I need to start buckling down because I need to make school my first priority, because if I don't finish school, then I have no future and Truly has no future, and that is not a possibility!

So here is, plan:

School, School, School. School needs to come first. Before hanging out with friends, eating, sleeping, even going to visit Adam!

Truly, Truly, Truly. Well actually Truly comes first.

The only times I can work on school work is when:

1. Trulys is napping
2. At night
3. Early in the morning
4. During Dinner

So yeah, I guess this is what I'm working with. It's just so hard trying to sit down and start reading into my Government book, and public policys, and etc..... Like right now I should be reading my textbooks but here I am blogging that I should be reading, when I should be reading! :-)

Ok, Ok, let me turn off the tv and get to government.

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