Government Quizzes should be longer than 8 question!

            You would think that after these past of weeks of celebrating a new president, hearing about our economy, and everyone cheering on a "time of change", that I would be more excited to dive into my Government class and begin the intellectual learning. Of course not. For this past week I have been dreading this Government Quiz that I just finished 2 seconds ago, and I am not in a good mood at all.

My Government class is taken online, so when I logged in to to take our quiz I was surprised to see that our quiz, which covers 2 chapters, was timed for only 8 minutes, and only 8 questions long. I have to say that I was a little upset, no I was super upset, because 2 chapters, and 2 lectures can not possibly be squeezed into 8 questions. I felt like I was over-prepared so when I saw the questions my mind went completely blank. "8 minutes? 8 questions?." So after a week of studying and an hour of trying to put Truly down for her nap so I could take the quiz, I end up with a lousy 75. I answered only 6 of the 8 questions right. 

Maybe I'm just stressing out because I have a pile of laundry to do, lunch to make, I havn't taken a shower yet, and I still have to drive to Best Buy to buy a memory card for my sister's camera, all before 3 P.M.

Well I guess I've just got to deal with it. That is, unless I can write a strongly worded letter to my professor complaining that the length of her questions for the length of lectures is ridiculous. :-) Sounds like a lot of work. I guess the lesson learned is, now I know what to expect for the rest of the semester.

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