My new Mission

Lately what has been working for me is setting out an attainable, realistic goal, and accomplishing it. In example "Get the laundry done by 3 P.M.- Done." Well recently me and my mother have set the goal to try and get little Truly bear aquainted with the childcare system. Not that I need her in daycare, I work 6 days a month, 24 hours of the month, and go to school online, and my mother watches her all the time, but that's just it. She only knows her family, and that's it. She doesn't have any friends her age. Also, she hates the church childcare classes and the gym's childcare center. Which is horrible because our church and our gym have EXTREMELY nice childcare facilities. We go to Lifetime Fitness, and if you know what that is, my mother spends a butt-load every month for our memberships and I can hardly go because Truly will not stay in the childcare center. So my goal before she is 2 is to try and get her to at least stay in at the church center and gym center, because I like those facilities, at least to meet friends right? I mean this girl will scream her head off and I always end up getting paged. 

So last Sunday I decided to take her to the bible classes for her age group and stay with her to try and get her acquanted with it. And boy did she love it! They had play time, bible class, and snack time, about an hour long, just as long as one of the services. At first she was making sure I wasn't going anywhere, but once bible time hit, and she saw all the other little toddlers having fun, she didn't even give me a second glance. I sat there on the rocking chair neglected.

And she even made this little crown! My big baby!

Well I hope we can keep it up, any advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

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  1. I know this is an older post but really what you are starting here is great! Next time leave for about 15 minutes and come back. You may or may not need to do this a few times, but it is so worth it - and she will make friends. It's so fun when they are out at a store or something and run into someone they know. My girls know more people than I do when we are out and about :)