Roll up your sleeves and grab your garbage bag

As I look around at this whirlwind of a room, I have resolved to put homework aside this morning, put sleeping in aside, and definitely finishing the first chapter of my book will have to wait. As you know or may not know, me and little miss Truly live with my family in a 5 bedroom 4.5 bath house, with a bedroom and bathroom all ours. Well, Truly has claimed all of the bedroom in this house actually. Her toys are evenly distributed in my sisters and my parents room. 

This morning I am rolling up my sleeves, putting those icky pink gloves on and getting to cleaning.  The funny thing is that while I clean other people's home for a leaving, I usually neglect my space at home. I'm planning on throwing away a lot of things Truly doesn't use anymore, and a lot of papers that are crowding my desk. Here are some cleaning tips I have found extremely useful for a busy mom:


Automatic Shower Cleaner from Scrubbing Bubbles is a must-have! It hooks onto your shower head and you just press the button when you get out after taking a shower, and it sprays out the cleaner, and it cleans your shower with the water left behind. I have NEVER had to clean my shower anymore for the past 3 months!

Clorox disposable toilet bowl cleaner. I like using everything disposable when I clean the bathroom because Truly can sometimes get into things and I would be so grossed out if she got a hold of a nasty toilet brush.


Organization is key. When our room is organized, it's lifesaver when it comes to cleaning. Truly's toys, books, my books, and my papers, all have designated places. This way when I am cleaning I know exactly where everything goes. I find that those little baskets are very cute and also effective since they are see through, you know what's inside. 

Throw it away. I have a tendency to keep every drawing, every toy, every ugly shirt instead of throwing it away. Well do it. If you don't get rid of it now, you'll be drowning in macaroni drawings.

Swiffer Dusters. I can't begin to tell you how much I love Swiffer Dusters. I just run around the room with this things and all dust has met it's enemy. I love it because it catches all dust and doesn't spread it anywhere.

Lysol Disinfecting Spray. Everything is disinfected for me. I like the linen smelling one. I spray it on doorknobs, the tv, all her toys, pretty much anything and everything.

Off I go to conquer the cleaning world!

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  1. that sunds like something i really need to do Ayden has a box full of toys in every room of the house time to do a clean tooo