Practicing Patience

I will be the first one to admit that I sometimes can have a temper.  I have been known to raise my voice here and there, and get so mad, I'll just close myself off in my room. I'm also one of those "introvert" mad people. If you do something or get me upset, I also have the tendency to just keep it to myself, and ignore you. I know, it is something that I am working on this year. Practicing patience and understanding. Truly has helped me a lot with this (who could get upset and raise their voice at that adorable face?!......ok....occasionally.) 
Sometimes I let stress get the better half of me and I just feel like shutting of and screaming, "Fine! You deal with it!", but lately I've been trying to just look at my situation from a different perspective.

How do you handle stress? Or blowing up?

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  1. I admit, if I am pushed to my limits, then I am a screamer. I hate myself afterwards and usually end up apologizing profusely. I have gotten a lot better, but it takes a ton of energy and discipline. Oh, being human. So much fun, isn't it???