A Yo-What-i?

A Yogini. For my Art class assignment this week I had to go to one of the museums in my area and pick out a piece of art to write about in our future Museum Research Paper. Now we have to write 6 pages about this piece of art, so I had to choose something that would have a lot of research behind it, along with a lot of description. Enter: Yogini. This was on display in the Asian Sculptures. This is a buddha sculpture of a Yogini. From my understanding it is the female version of the Yogi.  A Yogini's mind has been disciplined through yoga. A Yogini is an outspoken, carefree women, with a graceful spirit.  She is a sacred female force who offers enlightenment, can bring peacemakers, has exuberant passion, and offers deep insight. Now there's an ideal woman if I've ever seen one!

I chose to do my research paper about this Yogini Buddha because I feel she represents something that every woman, every mom, wants to be: Carefree, able to enlighten others, graceful, and I bet a little more passion in our lives wouldn't hurt either. 

We all know we are not perfect, but we sure do try and come close. I think if really we all just took a break from our hectic lives, and crazy schedules, and just took some time out for "enlightenment", then we would learn a lot from Ms.Yogini.

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