Time Management - It Sucks

         So lately my time management has been, well, not so good. I've pretty much been doing nothing this whole week, my only work day is tomorrow, Friday. I have wasted this whole week. I've done minimal classwork, barely cleaned, little organization, NO working out, etc. The list goes on & on. What a waste! When my classes started in January, I thought "Hey, I can do this, I"ll plan everything out on a cool planner and my Iphone and it will all work out."

I was wrong.

        Between chasing Truly, working, and home, my only homework times is when Truly is napping and at night after she goes to bed. And let me tell you, I swear I set those times aside, but when you have a mile high pile of laundry and no more underwear to wear, I have to prioritize. And by the time I'm done, Truly is awake trailing on my heels asking to go outside.

       So I need to figure out this whole time management thing that other moms do. This is what I've picked up:

- Plan out your week, and stick to it!
- Schedule out your day, it will be good for you and your toddler.
- Sometimes as a Mom, your job is to stay up late and wake up early.

      I think I'm going to try these things, they sound simple enough. Other mother's always tell me they are the last one to bed and first one up in the morning. Is that really possible? I mean when Truly knocks out, I am right there beside her :-)

How do you manage your time?

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