All Out of Energy

I feel as if someone has stolen every last ounce of energy I had. I lay here, sprawled out on Truly's mini couch trying to figure out what needs to be done, but end up just surfing the web for little mindless things. I find myself here quite often actually, on Truly's mini couch. We've had it for so long. It is toddler sized (of course) and it's green, with little cartoons of jungle characters on it. Whenever Truly goes down for her nap, this couch seems oh so thought provoking. So in this moment it is making me realize that lately, I've been having zilch energy. 

I guess of course it has something to do with the lack, or shall I say the fact that I have had NO exercise whatsoever. Since my grandmother has been in the hospital, my mothers expensive gym membership has gone to waste this past month and I've just been here at home, passing the time. My mother has been at this hospital every spare second she has, leaving no one to watch Truly while I try to go to the gym. This is not good as those 10 pounds I was striving so hard to lose has turned into 5 extra pounds added on top of that. Just great. With bikini season only a few months away, I am still hiding in my t-shirts and jeans that sometimes show a little too much crack than people would like. I can't really blame anyone but myself, (But I can blame Truly for not wanting to stay in the childcare center at the gym, making going ALOT harder.) So as I sit here digesting my toast and chai tea, I'm realizing that exercising is going to have to be the only way to give me more energy. Coffees, energy drinks, those things just don't cut it with me.

So Hello Gym! Bye Bye Butt-Crack Jeans!


  1. I feel your pain..or lack of it, lol. I don't get much done either since becoming a SAHM with no one to babysit and give me a break. Mine is a little on the "crazy" side as well, forget daycare at the gym, she won't even let me work out in my own living room!

  2. Hi Stefanie! Welcome to MBC! You have a fabulous blog.