My New Project

      After long consideration, I have finally decided that I want to write a book. As crazy as it sounds it is very true. I mean, I've always loved writing, and have become an expert of creating little imaginary worlds in my head to escape to, I should've thought of writing a book ages ago. I saw on a website as it has been on the to-do list for very many freelance writers, but people shy away from writing a book for many reasons: writer's block, no time, or just not being sure where to begin. Well that is definitely me. I have no clue where to begin, or what to write about, and I most defiantly do not think I have the time.

    But then I remember a little author that most of you may recall...J.K. Rowling. She wrote about her character, Harry Potter, when she was single mother, in her bedroom and at the cafe down the street. She found the time. Now that is good enough reason for me! :-) Even Stephenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight series has a couple of sons, but she managed to crank out a beautiful love story of a vampire and teenage girl. 

     What I found very interesting is that these authors weren't just writing to "make a living", but just writing to escape from everyday life. These characters were so real to them and living extraordinary lives, that they felt like they really knew them and loved...well, writing about them. I would love to get excited about a character, and I'l admit I have some good characters in mind, but I want to write something I know will want people to feel like they are in the story. I want to write a book that I can fall in love with and just want to write more and more about. I know I want to write fiction stories, non-fiction is just way too boring for me, look at my blog. Ha-Ha. I've always been intrigued with the art of playing with words and captivating an audience, so I am hoping that writing a book will help challenge me. There is also the question of who my target audience will be as well. Probably the teen group, I still feel like I am in high school sometimes, feeling awkward and afraid, but that's probably just in my nature and won't go away any time soon.

      I really don't know where to begin though. Do I just start typing on my computer? Is there a certain guideline I need to follow? Do I contact a publisher, or do I write the whole book first? I am completely lost. 

Have you every thought to write a book or are you writing a book right now?


  1. I feel you! I thought of it many times. Even started one when I was in fifth grade. But like you said, no time, where do you start, etc., etc. I am queen of starting something and not finishing it. But life will always be busy so I should take inspiriation by Rowling and Meyer.

  2. Exactly! I'm trying to do research on it right now. It'll take me some time....but ill get there. Ha ha