Chai Tea Lattes & Blogging

I've always been obsessed with chai tea lattes from Starbucks. If you were to go right now to my online banking, every other entry will most likely be Starbucks. It has hit my wallet hard, and I always end up struggling even though I make more than enough for me and Truly. So this morning me and Truly hit our favorite store, Target, and as we were running up and down the food aisles, I spotted something that looked very similar to heaven. The chai tea mix that Starbucks uses for their chai tea lattes. And how much was it?.... Only $3.20! Definitely made my day. Then adding my soy-milk for only $2.99, I get about 10 chai tea lattes! Compare that to Starbucks $4 a cup.

Ahh sweet lattes!

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  1. LOL I used to have an obsession with Starbucks when I lived in California. I worked in San Francisco and there were 4 on the block I worked on...8 on the walk from the BART station to my job...damn shame. There was no escaping. That was about 11 years ago and I was only making 29k a year but I was spending $400 a month on Starbucks...insanity. Since then, I have regained my sanity and forced myself to getting Starbucks ONLY when I don't have time to make my hot beverages at home...11 years later it's still working LOL