Stress and Spring Break

Spring break has been here for 2 days and I have yet to accomplish anything that has the meaning of "break." My two sisters have been home, so that has been fun, but I still feel behind on everything. 
  • There is no food in our kitchen
  • I need to publish and print rest of Zines
  • I need to string my racquet
  • I need to buy paint 
  • Oh dangit......I lost the second page of my to-do list!!!
So as you can see I have yet to enjoy some "me" time while on this break from school. On top of that, my extended family (Aunts, Uncles, Cousins) are really being a pain in the neck. On top of that, my grandma has been home and we all have been having to take care of her while her other daughters (our Aunts) are just relaxing at home with their families. It's extremely unfair to my mother and to us who have to take care of my grandmother. I mean I'll take care of her because I love her, it's just sad that her other daughters don't care. 

Sigh I hope the rest of the week turns out better and I find some time to relax with my Truly bear. 

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  1. Good Morning! Stopping by via SITS. Hope the rest of your week went better and that you are able to enjoy the rest of your break! Your daughter is gorgeous!