Emptying Out the Purse

Every now and then I empty out my purse and try to re-organize everything. I throw out receipts, switch out make-up, and get rid of those pens that no longer have any ink in them. Now that my daughter will be 2 next month, I no longer carry diaper bags (well I havn't for awhile) so I just stuff a couple of diapers and anything she needs in my purse. This is what my findings were this morning:

This is my purse, already about to explode.

Dora DVD, Dora AND Boots, Freelance Life Book from the library

In our second round we have Target glasses, one lone diaper, a headband, comb, chewing gum, my black notebook to keep notes for writing, and ONE shoe for Truly. Seriously? only one shoe?

Next we have my sparkly wallet, checkbooks, glowing ring, tide to go (a must have), sanitizer, 3 house keys for houses I clean, a juice box and an old ipod.

And lastly plenty of receipts and letters and trash. "Ahh, there are those bills!"

Now, it's your turn! Post what you have in your purse and link back to my blog in your post. Leave a comment and let me know you did it and I will also follow your blog and link back to your blog!

So let's see ladies......What's in your purse?


  1. Stopping in via SITS.

    Unbelievable what can be in a purse, isn't it!! I had a moment like that a while back . . . but it was with I found in my couch!

  2. I dont carry a purse because I hate carrying stuff...a diaper bag is bad enough and I am longing for the day that I wont have to carry that anymore!! If I did carry a purse, I would want one like that...too cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog...you should check out Inspired 2 Write! Grabbing your button for my blog!