Monday Morning

For some strange reason, I love Mondays. I know for most people it's the beginning of the work week, it's back to school, it's back to daycares. For me on the other hand, Monday symbolizes I have made it another week. My weekends are what I dread.  Fridays are the days I have to clean this one huge house, Saturdays I have my 3 hour Math class, and then on Sunday I have to wake up early to go to church (which is not a bad things, I love church, and God, he's great) but the rest of my Sunday is spent parading around with Truly and my sisters all across the city. So when Monday hits, that's when I relax. Me and Truly sleep in, watch some cartoons, she helps me with laundry, and when she takes a nap, I spend that whole 2 hours eating, on the computer, or watching TV. 

Today I did something that was strange, even for me. I cooked. You read it right. 
I, Stepfanie, cooked. Plus it was something I had never tried before. Eggrolls. You see, my mother and I are the exception to the Filipino stereotype of the woman cooking. We can't cook to save our lives, but today she decided to try cooking this one chicken filipino dish and I took a stab at making eggrolls. 

3 hours later, our food was great, but we figured out, this is soooo not for us. If I am hungry, Chick-Fil-A is right down the road. I have no patience and I am horrible at waiting. Halfway through rolling the eggrolls I was fed up with it. You mean I still have all this to do plus I still ahve to fry them. Oh lord.

So lesson learned, I can cook. But I don't want to.

Happy Mondays!

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