Searching for some Me Time

I find myself sitting on my bed, oddly staring at the computer. There are a million things that I could be doing right now: taking my government midterm, start reading Writing Motherhood, take a shower and get ready for work in the afternoon...but I don't want to. I don't want to do anything. Do you ever have those moments were you want time to just stop and you can continue to just stare at the wall (or computer) for just 2 more minutes? To just sit there in your thoughts? Well here I am. 

I am broke, sleepy, in need of some TLC, and sitting in a room that is desperately screaming for some cleaning attention. It has been a week since I had written here and that is because I had been drowning in studying and everything else I have to do in the day.

What I realized that I really need in my life is some balance. I need some "me" time. What I feel though is when I do get that me time, I feel incredibly guilty. I feel like "oh, I really should be playing with Truly right now", or "I should be studying for class", or ......

Now as Truly wakes up, I have set a mission to find some "me" time, wherever it has gone...


  1. This is so me right now!
    Your daughter is adorable, and I love her name! So perfect!

  2. I think we all need some me time every now and then. Good for you for realizing it! If you want you can come by and enter to win a super cute apron I'm giving away. Maybe if you win you'll feel a little bit better! :) LOL!

  3. I hear you... and it's so hard! I'm 24, juggling two kids (I have the help of my husband, thank goodness) and college and full-time work... life gets crazy.

    It's sad that I'm already looking forward to retirement.....

  4. I had to laugh at the previous poster's comment - I'm looking forward to retirement too! LOL

    Another Mama here wishing for some more guilt-free "me time"! Right now I should be doing laundry... and editing a report for work... and scrubbing the icky dining room floor... see what I mean?! :)

  5. Your little girl is soooooo cute! Good work momma, I can imagine how hard it is to balance it all. Well, happy blog party!

  6. Party hopping and just wanted to say hello!

  7. Your little girl is adorable! I'm stopping by from UBP.

  8. Hi Stepfanie-

    I am just stopping in from The Ultimate Blog Party to say hello. Come by my place to enter to win a LeapFrog Tag Reading System and some books. :)

    The Divine Miss Mommy

  9. Hello! Poppin’ in from The Ultimate Blog Party…all the way from Queensland, Australia! G’Day! I hope you have time to visit my party soon.


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