Ballerina Truly

What's the perfect solution to a little girl who won't sit still and will not listen to what anyone tells her? Ballet.

Truly is a dancer. Anyone who knows her, anyone who sees her, knows she is a dancer. At the mall she turns, leaps, and takes a bow. At the library she tumbles and taps her feet. At the doctor's office she spins on one foot and yells out "Thank You!"

So when she turned 2, Ballet was an obvious choice. After searching for hours on end, I found only one studio that accepted 2 year olds, payed ridiculous amounts for registration and tuition, payed even more for outfits and shoes, and ta-da, my little girl is ballerina!

I like the concept of ballet, because not only does she get to dance and have fun with other girls her age, but you also learn discipline. A ballet instructor is not nice, haven't you all seen those dancing movies? So as she learns discipline, she gets to look pretty as well. Win Win? I think so too.

Now trust me. I wouldn't put her in it, if she didn't like it. But she loves it. When I tell her we are going to ballet, she get so excited and starts looking for her ballet bag. Especially at the end, they get lollipops. My little sugar queen. And when we are leaving, well she doesn't like to leave. 

But did I mention I have to sit inside the studio with her. Yes. I do not get to sit outside with all the other parents, my Truly makes me sit inside the studio or else she will start crying. I don't care though, $55 a month, I will sit wherever Truly wants me to.


  1. Darling! I think ballet is a great thing to you said, it's a discipline.

  2. Too cute!! I would be sitting in there with a camera for sure.

  3. Your Truly is Truly adorable!!! Are you really only 20 years old? You go girl, you are doing so many things right at such a young age that you will be a power house in the next five years. I will be keeping an eye out for you!

  4. Your Truly is so adorable in her ballet getup! Unfortunately all the ballet studios here only accept children 3+ yrs. My little girl has to wait 9 months :(