No Work Saturday

Whenever you run a home business, I'm sure that there are time when you find yourself just overloaded with things that you "have to do" right now. That has definitely been me for the past couple of weeks with the startup of Advantage VA and the reincarnation of Truly Cleaning, but I have resolved that Saturdays will be:

No Work Saturdays

I would say Sunday as well but Truly goes to bed early on Sundays, so I squeeze in some work after she sleeps, only after she sleeps, so that's ok right?

So on Saturdays, the laptop gets turned off, the phone calls go to voicemail, and I am completly off of work mode. 

Off to the gym now on my no work Saturday to go cry in front of that horrible scale in the women's locker room.  I wish it was skinny saturday, but no luck there :-)

Have a good weekend! 

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