10 Things I'm Looking Forward To

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope that ya'll ( yes, I am Texan ) had an amazing week, and will have an even better weekend. For me, it looks like I'll be working, but that's okay, I love what I do. Saturday will probably be filled with Tennis, Lunch, Mall, and probably spending too much money with money that I don't even have, i.e. on credit cards. Sunday, I'm not too sure about, because it's Father's Day, but Adam will probably be working, so maybe just a nice dinner or something.

So to start the weekend off, I decided to do a "10 Things I am looking forward to":

1. New Moon movie, coming out in November. Who isn't looking forward to that?!
2. Potty Training. I am tired of the room smelling like pee pee diapers and having to buy diapers and wipes.
3. Wrapping up my English Literature degree.
4. Disneyworld this summer for my birthday!
5. Losing that extra weight for my birthday this summer!
6. Fixing my blog, and adding cool new stuff
7. Getting new clients
8. Wanting to buy the new Iphone!
9. Turning 21!
10. Watching the new Year 1 Movie. It looks hilarious!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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