5 Reasons Why Mom's Make Great Entrepreneurs

1. Multi-Tasking
Mom's already know how to balance a bottle (or breast) while paying bills on the computer, talking on the phone to your mother-in-law, all while planning an awesome recipe for tonight's dinner. A Mom Entrepreneur is already in the makings. You need to know how to do everything at once, and not crack under the pressure.

2. Amazing Customer Service
Making everyone happy, all the time? Does that sound all too familiar? Just like being a mom you have to make sure your kids, your husband, your family is always happy, you need to make sure your customers and clients also come first. Businesses do not thrive unless you have people believing in you and buying into your product or service, and isn't that what we try to convince our children to do everyday?

3. Time
I know what your thinking, Mothers do not have any time! But trust me, you do. From nap time, play dates, time with their dad, times they don't want to play with you and would rather build blocks in the next room: Moms you have plenty of time to build a business! Even though children love spending time with their parents, it's shown that they also love being with themselves or friends, learning on their own. So while they do their thing, you have plenty of time to do yours!

4. Motivation
If anyone has more motivation to be an entrepreneur and business owner, it's us Moms! We want more control over our lives, we want to be home when our kids get off the school bus, and be able to wake them up in the morning. Mom's have an awesome cheerleading squad, wanting them to succeed just as much they want to.

5. Passion
We know what passion is. It's the love we have for our kids, the love we have for ourselves. Imagine if you put that passion toward a business. There's no way you could fail. If you truly love what your doing, then other people can't help but love it too.

Thinking of jumping into the entrepreneurial game, Go for it! You are already equipped, trained, and ready to go!

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