What Twilight did for me.

Is it just me or did Twilight change your whole view on men? For me, after watching the movie and reading the whole series, I suddenly hated my boyfriend and ignored him for 2 weeks. I know it's so horrible, but I was upset that he wasn't Edward. I mean to find someone who cares for you that passionately, that you can jump and climb up trees with, that will drive a silver volvo, that was that chiseled and gorgeous. I was determined that I wanted one of those.

After a couple of weeks, it hit me. Edward isn't real. No guy can be Edward, because, well, Edward is perfect. And even though no man is perfect, but my Adam is pretty darn close. And I was punishing my boyfriend because he wasn't Edward.

True Story.

Now he doesn't want to even hear the world Twilight anymore.

Oh well. Now it's all about New Moon, and ...Jacob :-)

And Truly loves him too


  1. Read all 4 books...Edward and Jacob are VERY real and VERY common in men's personalities hahahhahaha

  2. Somehow I am saddened of how TWILIGHT had given false hope on the other hand I was for Jacob's team ever since I started reading the book.

    Just droppin by and showin some SITSta lovin'


    Lay out looks great!

  3. Dropping by from SITS...and YES...I was looking at my fiance' crazy after I read all of the Twilight books and watched the movies.

    It wore off though:)....