You simply can't do it all

I think I am in work overhaul.

You know when you try to balance too many things at one time? Of course you are bound to start swaying and turning and leaning and then.....

You find yourself on the floor crying and wondering "What happened?"

Mothers often find themselves wondering "What happened?" Well I'll tell you what. We think that in order to be a good mother we have to try and do everything. We have to get your children everything, discipline them in the right way, feed them organic food at the right time, delegate every second of playtime, tv time, bath time. We try to control every second of time, because that is what we are supposed to do as mothers.

But we can't. We just possibly can't. That's why we are left scratching our head wondering What happened?

Our job is to not make life perfect for our families, but just to live in that moment with them. Our job as mothers is to guide, not delegate. Our job is to nurture, not slave in the kitchen for 4 hours, only to get it thrown on the floor. Out job is to love.

Let your children be children and sit back and enjoy it. Take some time for yourself mommies, and just live in the moment. Don't make things overcomplicated, simplify your life, and enjoy the blessing you have.

Your not wonderwoman, and her outfit was unflattering anyway.

"Yesterday is no longer here. It sneaked away as you slept. Tomorrow is not here yet. You can can not hold it and bring it in. You only have today. Live in today."

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  1. Oh what wonderful words!
    We are all blessed as mother's we just need to sit back, realize it and enjoy it!