Catch Up Day

Ok so I've been a little bit lazy. Ok, a lot lazy. Ever since we got back from vacation, I have gotten nothing done. I am stuck in an unproductive mode. Blogs haven't been updated, businesses have gone un-marketed, schoolwork has not been touched, and do I really have to tell you about laundry. Yes, piled high as the sky. I think I have totally forgotten about all of my different responsibilities and have been stuck in party mode. Well get out Stepfanie!

So this morning I am bringing out the pen and paper and creating a list of things to do. Today is my catch up day. Heck, I'll probably need a catch up week, but let's start with a day. I guess the most important thing is to probably clean up Truly's and my room. No sense is Truly getting lost in all the madness of princesses, ducks, and dirty diapers. While that I can do laundry, and while Truly takes a nap, I'll go ahead and spend some quality time with my laptop doing some marketing, English papers, and research. No Desperate Housewives this afternoon. *Sigh*

That's an extremely rough summary of everything I need to do, but it will have to do for now. How did I get all of this on my plate anyway?
Oh that's right, I graduated high school, got pregnant when I turned 18, going to college to give Truly a better life, started my businesses because I wanted to stay home with Truly, and blog because I need to. Oh...that's right.


  1. I feel ya girl.. my hubby was home from work all last week because he had meningitis and my house was a wreck!! I have been cleaning since 7:00 this morning and I'm STILL NOT DONE!!

  2. Wow,I know exactly what you mean!! Good luck getting it all in. We're built for it!