Cosmetic Birthday

For my birthday a couple of weeks ago, we were in Disneyworld, so I didn't get to celebrate it with Adam. So for my birthday, he told me he would pay for whatever I wanted.
"Clothes? Shoes? Just don't wipe me out Stepfanie..."
So I thought about it, and looked through my room. I didn't want clothes. I'm trying to lose 10 lbs, so there's no point in outfitting a closet full of clothes that won't fit me. Shoes were never my thing, so I passed on that too. Jewelry? No, I lose everything. So I went to the bathroom, looked through my purse, and pulled out a tiny little shard like thing left of my eyeliner and decided..I want new make-up. I love make-up and have been needing to buy some for a while. I don't buy my make-up from drugstores or target
(where I buy everything else). All my makeup comes from department stores, and usually only buy make-up when I have money because they always wipe me out. I'm a sucker for those saleswomen: "This eyeshadow makes you look thinner..." SOLD. For me though, it's worth it. I'm really cautious about what is put on my face, and I always believe in you get what you pay for.
So for my birthday present I thought I would ditch Estee Lauder and get a whole new set of MAC make up. I've heard great things, but never tried them myself. Let me tell you, awesome products! In this heat, no melting, smudging, or feeling cake-y. I bought a foundation/powder cover up, base eye shadow, 2 eye shadows, eye liner, lip liner, and some brushes. So after texting him my grand total of $107, I walked out of the mall feeling like one hot mama!

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