So I'm Engaged!

As some people may have picked up on from a couple of earlier posts, me and Adam have been together for about 3 years-ish, and we have our 2 year old daughter, Truly. For the longest time I have been watching my friends get married, groaning about how being married would make me soo much happier, well it looks like Adam finally picked up on it because....We are officially engaged!

After popping the question at his home, and crying, and hugging, and kissing, I am so glad to finally have a ring on this finger and can not wait to start wedding planning!


  1. Yipppeeee! Congratulations, Stepfanie! I'm so happy for you. Be sure to share some of your planning with us (smile).

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! Have you set a date yet?