What? Another Blog?

As you know, blogging has now become my thing. Along with blogging here, I also write on my business blog, and a blog for my city's newspaper. I like writing about different topics because it's refreshing to give my opinion on different subjects. Plus, I'm pretty sure writing is the only thing keeping me sane nowadays.

So, I started a new blog! I was looking back at my posts and noticed that there were a lot of them about money, budgeting, finances, and everything to do with dollar bills! Truth is, with getting ready to get married, I am really trying to get a hold of my finances. And what a great way to track my progress than to start a finance, money blog!

So if your interested to see my journey tackling debt, discovering investing, and budgeting with a 2 year old with a shopping addiction, visit my new money blog at A Girl & Her Credit Cards!

By the way, I'm going to the Kids Day Out Meet The Teachers tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes!

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