My toddler going to school?

Right now one of the things I am struggling with is putting Truly is a Kids Day Out program at a church by our home. With fall classes starting up for me, I'm finding it harder to balance work and school work, all while making sure Truly is always happy and keeping control of my sanity. Anywho, there is this program at a local church, where Truly can go twice a week from 9am to 12pm. It's not a daycare, but more of a structured Pre-K where they learn, have teachers, etc. I have a number of excitements and concerns.

Good Things: It's free. They offer scholarships, and with my busy schedule and sob story, they want to give Truly one. Next, it's only 2 days a week, so I still get to spend a lot of time with Truly, but giving me catch up time on school work, laundry, and working. Then, it also gives her a chance to bond with other children her age, learn to share, learn colors, learn numbers, learn shapes, did I mention learn?

Concerns: Do I really need to put her in a school now? I mean she'll have to go to school for the rest of her life, why should I put her in now? Next, with school starting up and fall season here, we here all the new swine flu warnings, yes, I'm scared she might get swine flu. Another concern is safety. With Truly not fully talking yet, I'm scared to leave her with someone whose background I am not aware of. They have background checks on the teachers, but I personally do not know their history. My last concern is that I feel like I am putting her there to de-stress my life, and what if it doesn't really benefit her, just me, what I'm trying to say is that I feel a little bit guilty. I feel as if I should just try and make it work without putting her in a school.

So that's my inner battle right now. They have a Meet The Teacher night next week that I'll be going to, to make final decisions.

Now Mama's, what your opinions now that you see me Pro's and Con's?


  1. I think you have valid concerns. Babybottoms isn't even here yet and I REALLY don't want to put her in school any earlier than necessary. Since her sister doesn't live in the same state as us, I might break down and do it after she turns 1, just so she'll learn how to interact with other children. I don't want a selfish only child, you know?

    I think after you meet the teacher, you'll know what to do based on how comfortable you are with them. Truly might really like her 2 days away from mom with other kids never know! :)

  2. Your concerns are real, to you, and you talking them out will help you get a good understanding.

    Here is my short personal take. My children have been in daycare/school since 3 months old. I have to work, they have to go to "school". It's not really school. It's play time with learning that isn't at a desk. Look at it that way. Second, I'm a HUGE advocate of "school" for babies and children. The socialization is terrific, they learn about friendship and sharing and story telling with little people like themselves. They learn to trust other adults which will be inevitable as they grow through school. The list is long, for me.
    You always have the choice to remove her if you don't feel comfortable. But unless you see severe signs of problems, I would give yourself at least a month or two to try it out. Adjustment periods will be needed for both of you, so it could take awhile for her to find the GOOD in the new place. It could take you awhile to find the GOOD in "ME" time. Both are necessary parts of growth, development, and peace of mind.
    Just my tiny take on it! :) Happy Friday. Popping over from SITS roll call.

  3. I would recommend going in and talking with the teachers as well as finding a time that you can go in and observe the classroom when there are kids in class. That way you can see how the teachers act with the children in the class.

    Yes, she has a lot of years to do school, but at that age, it isn't really going to be school, it's going to be somewhat structured play.

    All of your reasons are very valid, but also know that there are wonderful teachers out there that truly love children and just want what is best for them.

    Good luck!

    Stopping in from SITS.

  4. I am a stay at home mom. I looked into preschool for my 3 year old daughter because we didn't live in a neighborhood filled with children (actually not any) and she was very social. I thought it might be a good thing for her, but I didn't feel pressure to do it. Anyway, we started and she would be fine some days and others, she would cry and cry when I told her it was time to go. So you know what I did? I didn't take her when she didn't want to go and I took when she did. I could afford to let her taste and see, without feeling the pressure of having to take her. I think that provided you've checked the school and teacher out and that Truly wants to go, you give it a try. It's really your attitude towards it that will be the define whether it's a good experience for the both of you or not. Just my 2 cents.

  5. I just received a call from a local school and it turns out they have a spot for my 4yr old son. I am having my own little separation anxiety. I took him classes on Saturday for 1hr just to get use to us not being around, (stay at home mom) turns out he started to get worked up and even throw up in the gymboree class the last 5 sessions were horrible for him and for me. he wants me to stay in the room with him, anyway I am so apprehensive about having him go 5dys a week even though its just 2 1/2 hours any advice for me?