Monday Quote

Monday August 31, 2009

Today has been a very worn out day, and dinner is still hours away. I played tennis this morning with a new women's team, and won my match, causing my team to beat the others! Very excited, but now as I sit in front of this laptop, my legs and my back aches. A 3.5 hour match will do that to you.

So as I was scouring the internet and sending e-mails, I happened upon a quote:

"To lead the orchestra, you have to turn your back on the crowd." - Max Lucado

I love Max. He is a best-selling christian author, and the main teaching minister at our church. I love Max, because not only does he talk the talk, he walks the walk, and a way that is relatable to us. He is humble, and aware that no one is perfect. He starts out every message with the same prayer, "Lord, forgive the one who speaks, for his sins are many." You believe that he is talking to you, and believe that he knows your struggles.

I truly believe that in order to have a relationship with God, to get closer to him, you need to just focus on him, and not to get too scrambled in what is going on today.

I won't elaborate on my thoughts, but a curious to hear what you think about this quote?


  1. Girrrrl, you HAVE to read my blog post for Monday. This post and the quote are definitely my confirmations of doing the right thing. Bless you!

  2. This is a good quote. Here's another good leadership quote: "Leadership is not a matter of ordering people around but of first taking action yourself. By initiating action yourself, you will win others' trust, and they, in turn, will take action."