Looking Forward to Yoga

Friday August 28, 2009

It looks like some calm has finally headed my way. It took a full schedule to finally find some balance. As you already know, school has already started for me, and one of the classes that I am taking on campus is Yoga. Yes, they offer yoga as a class, isn't that awesome! So I decided to take Yoga and am very excited because our teacher is all about learning yoga to de-stress from life, and to de-clutter your mind. I wanted to raise my hand and say "YESSSSS! FINALLY!". But I resisted so I wouldn't scare off my fellow classmates. Not only did she talk about how that is her main focus, but she also went into how she strongly believes in healthy eating to promote a healthy mind. I was so close to jumping up, then thought of my fellow students again... I am definitely going to look forward to the next Tuesday and Thursdays when I have to go to Yoga at the campus, because with everything going on right now, I really need to figure out how to de-clutter my mind. You know at night, when you keep tossing and turning because you have a million things going through your head? That's me times another million!

I also really liked how she discussed how our minds are never in the present. I sat there thinking "Ok, yeah yeah, I've heard about this before." But then she went into detail explaining this. Our minds are never in the present, our minds are constantly in the past, worrying about what we did, how we could've changed it, how we wished things were different, and constantly thinking about things that have already happened. OR, our minds are in the future, afraid of what might, what will come, worrying about our children's future, that job promotion, or worrying about our finances. Our minds never get to sit and relax in the present. It made total sense and I realized that is exactly how I am thinking all the time. I always worry about what has happened and what will be, but never just where I am.

Where is your mind?


  1. Hope Your Yoga gives you just what you need!! We should all try to live in the "present" more often. After all, tomorrow it will be the past.
    I for one am not looking forward to MY yoga. Its YogaX from p90X and its 1 hours and 30 mins. Torture I tell you! =) (especially beacuse my back already hurts and one more viyasa(howver you spell it) is going to send me to the edge! =)

  2. Okay, I'm toooo excited! I was just reading yesterday about a yoga class starting in my area. I've already been doing simple breathing exercises and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Thanks for the reminder to call for more information about the class. I'M THERE!

  3. *Popping in from SITS

    I love yoga! I was taking it every Saturday morning until I got pregnant and got booted out the class because the instructor wasn't trained in pre natal yoga and felt uncomfortable with me there. Needless to say, I bought a few yoga videos and continued to do yoga at home on my own until I gave birth. I continued to do yoga at home to get back into shape after the baby as well. Now, I need to start going to classes again. The baby is 19 mos. I have no excuse! Lol

  4. I'm thinking about getting into yoga. My mom recently got into it and she loves it.