My Sister's Poem

My 16 year old sister asked if she could use my printer this morning, before I went off to class. I found her poem that she had to write for English AP class on my desk, read it, and thought it was beyond awesome. I'm guessing it's a poem they have to write about themselves, about their day, or about their summer, having to follow a certain pattern.

So I wanted to post it:

She was a strong believing girl, says the wristbands and books from church
All over the bookshelves of her room;
A tidy person, says the perfectly folded laundry
In the room with a big window; a creative girl.
Says the covered bulletin board
Hanging on the wall, covered with Andy Murray;
But not extremely girly, say the lack
Of heels and make up.

A family lived with her, says the portrait
Hanging in the game room on a wall
That was painted beige, and the house was new,
Says the freshly lad bricks.
Boredom was scarce, say the miles on the cars
And the money spent on entertainment.
And the days were busy, say the worn out shoes.

It was lively here, says the openly lit house.
But hardly anyone there, says the occupied tennis courts
About ten minutes away. The tennis balls' green
Contrasted against the red concrete; the never bored family
At the courts soon realized.
What time did they leave? Gatorade and juice,
Now empty garbage, were left and they went,
Adding miles to the car,
Going home. Something felt like summer.

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