I can't believe this

In the midst of planning a wedding, starting photography, getting homework done, playing with Truly and trying to lose weight. I find out.....I'm pregnant. 8 weeks to be exact.

What to do now??????


  1. rejoice! congrats! Some of the best things are unplanned.

  2. GASP! Girrrrl, embrace it, rock with it, and roll with it. Miss Madison's Mommy is right, some of the best things are unplanned AND unexpected! CONGRATULATIONS!

  3. What to do is exactly what you've done so far...be a great mommy and mommy-to-be to your two children.

    However, I have to say that I'm saddened that you decided to put yourself in a position to become pregnant again. I thought you were a Christian woman who wanted to do what was right. One time is a wake-up call. Twice is you should have made better decisions. (as in sex AFTER marriage, not before- even if he does love you). I hope that your pregnancy goes well and that your wedding- more importantly, your marriage- goes well. Be Happy & Be wise.

  4. congratulations...And lots of luck to you

  5. To My Anonymous poster:

    Thank you, I know that I will try my *bestest* to be a great mother to 2 children, instead on now just one.

    I never claim that I am a Christian woman, or even want to do what's right for that matter. My Christian faith does help me when I am in need and helps me to be a stronger person, but I never claim to be a "christian" woman. I think I make many mistakes, but do know that my mistakes are forgiven.

    I'ts not that I had sex with him "once 8 weeks ago" because he loves ME. I don't mean to alarm anyone, but we have a perfectly well and busy intimiate life. He's my fiance, the father of my 2 year old, and we love EACH other.

    I stand by my decisions and so does he. I do believe in the Christian standards, but not even I am able to live up to all of those, or people I am directly descended from for that matter.

    Now just to figure out if this Anonymous poster is my Mother, or someone who just has never read my blog before...

  6. Wow....some of the best things in our life are the unplanned things;)) Congrats:) I'm rather new to blogging....new to the blogger group on cm as well....Stop by my blog sometime...i'm still getting started but i will get there sooner than later....

  7. Hey! Congrats! If that was your mom, tell her that comment was not funny.....