To My Anonymous Poster

Anonymous said...

What to do is exactly what you've done so a great mommy and mommy-to-be to your two children.

However, I have to say that I'm saddened that you decided to put yourself in a position to become pregnant again. I thought you were a Christian woman who wanted to do what was right. One time is a wake-up call. Twice is you should have made better decisions. (as in sex AFTER marriage, not before- even if he does love you). I hope that your pregnancy goes well and that your wedding- more importantly, your marriage- goes well. Be Happy & Be wise.

To My Anonymous poster:
Thank you, I know that I will try my *bestest* to be a great mother to 2 children, instead on now just one.

I never claim that I am a Christian woman, or even want to do what's right for that matter. My Christian faith does help me when I am in need and helps me to be a stronger person, but I never claim to be a "christian" woman. I think I make many mistakes, but do know that my mistakes are forgiven.

I'ts not that I had sex with him "once 8 weeks ago" because he loves ME. I don't mean to alarm anyone, but we have a perfectly well and busy intimate life. There was just a mishap with switching birth control methods, etc. He's my fiance, the father of my 2 year old, and we love EACH other.

I stand by my decisions and so does he. I do believe in the Christian standards, but not even I am able to live up to all of those, or people I am directly descended from for that matter.

Now just to figure out if this Anonymous poster is my Mother, or someone who just has never read my blog before...


  1. Hi,
    Well, I'm not your mom, so you can let that notion go. I just don't have an account and haven't signed up for one. Sorry to post as anonymous.

    I'm not exactly sure how I came across your blog, but I have been reading it for the past few months. I was inspired by you and by the obvious love that you have for your daughter.

    I must have made a mistake somewhere along the way because I did, in fact, think that you were a Christian. I don't fully understand what distinction you make beetween having Christian faith and being a Christian. It's especially confusing to me as I read that you know that your mistakes are forgiven. It's true that everyone makes mistakes, but it's the desire to do what is right that is living out your faith. It doesn't mean that you won't every mess up. That's impossible. But that forgiveness doesn't give us permission to go against the Bible whenever we want. That was my point. Just a reminder....."iron sharpening iron", I thought. Again, my mistake.

    It's obvious to me that you feel defensive, but it was not my intention to attack you. I sincerely do wish you well with your pregnancy, marriage and motherhood. You asked a question and I responded.


  2. Being a 'Christian' woman is important to me. BUT living and respecting both those principals means I seek not to assume or cast stones. Stepfanie I think your anon poster has missed the reality that you have been in a committed relationship, you are both obviously loving and dedicated to your child/ren and each other..I have been reading for a while too...this world would be a much happier place if we could all learn to build on the things we have in common and encourage and uplift each other on the journey. Congrads on your surprise news - Keep up the great blogging.

  3. Thanks for responding Kacy. I really did only re-post it because I really thought it was my mother. She loves her facebook and blog commenting :-). I just know that there is a way you can comment using your name versus going with Anonymous

    I do believe in the Christian faith, but I never claim to be a "Christian Woman." Even though I feel like I have a great relationship with Jesus, I don't feel honored enough to call myself a "Christian Woman", I don't think many women who are christians can equally call themselves a "Christian Woman."

    Don't get me wrong, I have christian faith, I am a christian, but I do not proclaim that I am a "Christian Woman" as I am still learning to trust myself fully in God's hands. I do not think I have earned a title like that, as I'm still learning, still accepting. Proclaiming that I am a "Christian Woman" would be putting on a mask that I would have to hide behind.

    But when someone tells you, "I thought you were a Christian woman, you should have been more careful", I do take that into offense. Not extremely, but in a hurtful way. Because my mistakes do not make me any less of a christian, but is proof that I AM human, and in fact, need my faith to help me understand that either way, everything will be ok.

    We all have the desire to do what is right. We all want to make whatever "God" we believe in happy, whether it is a God, or maybe just yourself if you don't have a religion. We all have that desire to do what we subconsciously know is right. We all do. But do we always do what is right even though that desire is there? No, because we are human. I am, and so are you.

    I do not go out doing sinful things because I "know that I am forgiven anyways." It's never my intention to hurt my God because "i'm forgiven anyways." That's a horrible way to live. Lessons are never learned this way. What I do say is that being forgiven is an awesome part of my faith. Knowing that ASSURES me for the future, but is never PREMEDITATED in my thoughts when I have done something against the Bible.

    I know all the parts of my life aren't together yet, but that is where my Christian faith comes in, to bring it together.

  4. you responded well to your anonymous commenter

    I wouldn't have been as "nice" because regardless of her intentions, she was being judgmental. I thought maybe I was being sensitive but after reading your blog to a few people and the comments, I was assured that it wasn't just me who felt that commenter was offering a little too much "opinion".

    I wish you nothing but the best and good health for you and your growing family :)