"Hey There, You Come Here Often?"

Tuesday December 29, 2009

Why Hello Again! Didn't expect to see me here now did you! :-) I always said one of the worst things is discovering an empty, deserted blog, and here I was completely
neglecting mine. But I am back. And with a vengeance. Well, not really, but back to re-blog what's going on in my life, my thoughts, some views, and a little mix of everything really.

So I guess you are dying to know what I have been up to in the last couple of months. So let me catch you up to speed. I am still 21. That won't change until July so we are good there. I am almost 5 months pregnant with baby #2. We won't find out the sex of the baby until January 5th, but I am hoping for a girl, only because I would be completely dumbfounded on what to do with a boy. You can't put them in pageants and ballet right??

My fiance and I are still together, and have moved the wedding until...later. We'll figure it out after the baby is born and when we get our finances in check again. It seems whenever I am pregnant, my credit card bills go through the roof. Not my fault at all. I swear.

My Truly is 2 and a half. She had her first Christmas Recital the other week and did an awesome job. She had no signs of stage fright, and even though she did a quick finger-to-the-nose-to-the-mouth on stage, she had a blast.

First one on the left :-)

I still stay at home. I do try to do some freelance writing work (when I can find any!) but I do start 2 new work at home jobs in January. One for Alpine Access doing some customer service support, and another with Apple as a Chat Representative. So that should keep me busy, all while keeping an eye on my Truly, and building this baby inside of me.

I start classes in January as well at The University of Maryland through their online program (I am in Texas). I'll be able to finish my Bachelor's in English through them 100% online. So I am also very excited about that.

So as you can see, I took a couple of months off from blogging and writing altogether to try and figure everything out. The shock of having another baby pretty much through me for a loop. A very long loop. So after everything has been given a place, I got back into writing, and instead of blogging, I was given this awesome leather journal from my dear Adam to write in. But I have missed my blog, so I've decided any cool things, and not so-cool, I would transcribe here onto the blog. I really missed writing and I am glad that I have awesome followers who stuck around through my hiatus, or if you didn't even notice, that's cool too!!

Well that's what's going on. I promise I will not go MIA again, I definitely need my time out place as much as the next mom.

Now off to go visit my neglected mommy blogs!!


  1. Welcome back! Life happens and the blog will be here. Congratulations on your jobs and school! New baby too. You have a lot going on - we completely understand.

  2. Congrats on the baby, the jobs, the future wedding, your daughter, and school!

    Stoppin' by from SITS!!


  3. Stopping by from SITS. Congrats on the job, engagement, school, baby... all that jazz. Looks like you've got it going on girlfriend. Good luck to ya.


  4. Stopping in from SITS- looks like you've got your hands full and you are adding blogging again on top of all that! Good luck - 2010 seems to be your year!

  5. Stopping by from SITS! It looks like the play was cute.