Financial Peace

Saturday January 23, 2010

When you have a second baby on the way and your frequently worried about your bank account going into overdraft, I believe you have a problem. I am talking about myself. So .... I'm a bit of a spender. Sue me. Well don't, because I won't have the money. But like I was saying, I'm a spender. In my previous post, you know a lot of my money goes to restaurants, but besides that I'm a frequent Target-er. Once I step into that holiest of stores, my debit card weeps as we walk out. I mean, I can't help it, they have EVERYTHING. Malls as well. Malls are my weakness. We have this one outdoor mall less than 2 minutes away from my house, the best one, and that is Truly's and my hangout. What causes me to spend so much? Honestly, it's mainly just boredom. Nothing to do today? Let's go shopping.

So when is this rambling on about me spending money going to get to a point that you actually want to care about. Well I've finally taken a step towards budgeting my money and paying off my debt. Heard of Dave Ramsey? Well I have and he's attitude towards money and all of his philosophies are right up my alley for a gal like me. I joined one of his classes, Financial Peace University to see if I can pay off my credit card debt, save for emergencies, save for purchases, and basically get a hold of money. Want more info, visit his website here at And this isn't even a review! lol

I pulled my mother into this endeavor because, well, I learned my money habits from someone! And it was her. So you could guess she's in the same situation as me. So the class is 13 weeks, every Wednesday night. I have my materials and am ready to go.

Step 1: Do not put a single charge more on that credit card!

..... oy vey.... this will be a long 13 weeks ....

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  1. I have a friend doing it and it's working great for them! Hang in there!