Start-rite Shoes [Review]

Friday, January 22, 2009

The one thing that frustrates me about Truly, besides the fact that my toddler and I are exactly the same and but heads on a daily basis, is that she is growing. There’s no big unveil there that our children grow, but I mean it’s crazy that a pair of shoes I bought last month are now too small for her. This provides a complication for a budget friendly mommy but a fashion forward child. So my new mission lately has been updating Truly’s too-small wadrobe. I’ve never really had a problem buying her clothes, they are plenty of stores online and at the malls where we buy clothes for her, but shoes have been a problem. I have high standards for shoes because my daughter is extremely active. Jumping, running, outdoors, she is all over the place and if she doesn’t have good shoes, she’ll have red and blue feet. After a day of shopping, I don’t blame her.

So I’ve been doing some shopping online and what not and have found a kids shoe’s website that was recommended to me that

is right up my alley. Not only are they incredibly adorable, but are built for comfort for our active and sometimes not so active children. Start-rite shoes got their start in the 1700’s in Norwhich, where their headquarters are still located to this day. They have an incredible history of making well-fitted, quality shoes. They are known world wide and even the Princes of England and the Royal Family have been outfitted in over 1500 pairs! They have great shoe size fitting resources on their webpage to make sure you choose the right size and width for your children. They are based in the UK, but have plenty of stores in the US. Visit their website to find a location nearest you!

You can visit their website here and

check out their Girls' Wellies shoes! Adorable!

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