Thank you 500 Days of Summer

Yesterday, 2 of my best girlfriends came over for a movie afternoon to watch The Ugly Truth and 500 Days of Summer. Our good friend Josh recommended we watch The Ugly Truth so we could get advice on guys (even though we already knew everything). After The Ugly Truth, which was pretty funny, I love Gerard Butler, but I still can't picture him as anyone but the phantom in the Phantom of the Opera.

So they had to leave, but my friend left me 500 Days of Summer so that I could watch it. And I did. And I loved it.

This movie is not a love story. But you think it is. If you haven't seen it, don't read this because I will spoil it for you and I honestly think you should see it.

The boy believes in love, the girl believes that love is just a fantasy. They're relationship is based on loving those quirky attributes, and having fun with each other doing anything. He loves her. She's not sure.

Well long story short, they break up, he loses his mind, and she moves on. From the beginning she told me she never wanted to be someone's girlfriend. Later on in the movie, after they meet again, she is getting married. He's desperatly confused in how she could marry someone after she couldn't even be his girlfriend.

She explains to him that when she met this other guy, she just knew. She had this feeling, this distinct feeling, "I am in love", that she never had with the first guy. Her life is completely changed because of that automatic, unplanned, unforced, feeling of love.

I never believed in that instantaneous spark of love ... until recent events.

This movie enforced my new beliefs.

Do you believe that connection, that love, of just knowing right away?

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